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UK Broadband has launched Relish Broadband, a transformational broadband offering for both businesses and consumers in the capital, which provides fast speeds without the wires and is self set-up in minutes.

Relish aims to disrupt the London broadband market with a combination of instant connection, unlimited data, and transparent pricing. It offers three core products: Home Broadband, Business Broadband and Dedicated Business Internet. Home and Business services promise next business day delivery and installation from time of order, while the Dedicated Business Internet service (similar to a leased line) is provided within 10 days. 

Targeted at Londoners who demand fast speeds but don’t want the complications associated with traditional broadband services, Relish’s core wireless offering provides fast broadband without the hassle of installation delays, landlines or engineer visits.

You can find out all about our new broadband service at

Relish Broadband services include: