Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy is one of the largest academies in Wiltshire with over 1,600 girls and boys aged 11- 19.

The challenge

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy’s existing 30 Mbps service was struggling to meet the high demands during school hours for campus based email traffic and web browsing by the students and teacher’s and also additional demands for fast and reliable offsite usage after school hours. All of the 1600 students need to use the network to complete their homework online and the pupils’ parents also need access to the specifically designed online parents’ portal.
The academy was therefore looking for a step change in terms of capacity whilst maintaining tight financial control on costs.

The solution 

Following a full site survey at the academy, it was determined there was clear line of sight over a distance of more than 8km back to UK Broadband’s main point of presence on its core Microwave Ethernet ring in Swindon.

Taking account of the academy’s requirements for 100 Mbps service, with high availability and low latency, it was determined that a microwave link operating in UK Broadband’s own spectrum would meet the requirements and support much greater capacities in the future without the need for anyquipment changes.
The proposal was agreed based on the academy’s requirements for fully managed services over a 3 year contract period. This proposal avoided any up front excess construction charges associated with fixed leased line service provider proposals. Monthly charges over the 3 year term offered a significant cost saving over fixed line proposals without any compromise on capacity, availability or latency. The service provided Direct Internet Access through UK Broadband’s core network with full support from UK Broadband’s Network Operating Centre and helpdesk.

The benefits

The connectivity is fast, reliable and secure.

Since the installation, service levels have been significantly improved.
The whole solution has experienced fewer complications than anticipated and can cope with the high demand for data during and after school hours”, IT Manager James Miller of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy commented on the completed project. “I was highly sceptical that this would provide anywhere near the level of service of a leased line but I have been happily proved wrong.

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