Olympic Sailing Security Network

UK Broadband, working closely with Quadrant Security Group (QSG), delivered a temporary CCTV solution across land and sea, to help Dorset Police ensure that a huge influx of visitors experienced a summer spectacle of sailing in Weymouth and Portland, safely and securely. 

WINNER of the IFSEC Security Project of the Year 2013.

The challenge

As the chosen venue for the sailing events during the summer of 2012, Weymouth and Portland expected unprecedented visitor numbers beyond the capability of the existing local authority CCTV infrastructure.
In order to meet the increased level of security, Dorset Police required a networked solution that spanned a wide geographical area which was capable of delivering fixed and mobile coverage both on land and some 3km out to sea. It was also essential that all forms of connectivity were secure, with a minimum requirement for network links to be encrypted and delivered using licensed spectrum.
The temporary nature of the project meant that budgets were limited as there was no long term requirement for the solution post the games. The coastal location also meant that the solution had to have virtually no environmental impact but be resilient enough to withstand harsh sea-air conditions.

The partner

Quadrant Security Group (QSG) is one of the UK’s largest independent security systems integrators. A wholly owned subsidiary of UK-based Synectics Plc Group, QSG has delivered end-to-end security and surveillance solutions from consultancy to systems design, installation and support for the last 30 years.

The solution

The fixed network design consisted of several high speed point-to-point links deployed as resilient rings and utilising UK Broadband’s licensed spectrum in 42GHz, 28GHz and 3.9GHz. For mobile access across the town and coastal areas a number of point-to-multipoint base stations were deployed which provided roaming connectivity for mobile Police vehicles equipped with CCTV cameras. Surveillance across the sea was delivered by equipping two Police launches with wireless connectivity that enabled live streaming of FLIR gyro stabilised cameras at a range of 7km off shore.
Given the high profile event and mission critical requirement, the solution was delivered as a complete managed service, monitored 24x7 with on-site support present during the main and Paralympic game periods.

The benefits

UK Broadband and QSG worked in partnership to build a proposition which leveraged the core competencies of each company and enabled a ‘complete solution’ to be submitted. By working closely and aligning activities within the project, it was also possible to ensure no duplication of costs and therefore provide a more cost effective solution. 

The solution delivered by UK Broadband and QSG enabled Dorset Police to carry out its largest security operation to date. It was also delivered on schedule and on budget.
The solution devised by UK Broadband and QSG was the most viable and most cost effective solution we looked at and was exactly what we asked for, despite the fact that it was a highly complicated and demanding brief. It’s unusual for anetworked solution of this scale to be required on a temporary basis, so for them to select, specify, implement and manage the technology they did, in that context, was impressive”, Andrew Sims, CCTV Network Project Manager for Dorset Police.

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